1963 D Washington Quarter (US)

Photo by me. From my collection.

This is a 1963 D Washington Quarter. It is Mint State which means it is uncirculated condition . Or most collectors just refer to them as uncirculated. And yes, it does look like some of the quarters you have in your pocket. That’s because this design was minted from 1932 to 1998, although the 1976 Bicentennial had the obverse being slightly modified and with a new design on the reverse (for that year only). The State and National Park quarters that were minted from 1999 to present still use the the Washington portrait on the obverse but with a different design. They all are referred to as the Washington Quarter.

This one is 90% silver as were all Washington Quarters up to 1964. 1965 and newer are not unless they are special releases in some mint and proof sets.

I have several of these and plan to sell some of them to thin them out.

Here is the reverse.

Photo by me. From my collection.

Until next time, keep on collecting.


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