Movie Review – The Vietnam War

Directed by: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Narrated by:  Peter Coyote

I give this series five stars. I loved it. Five stars means I will watch it again and hope to do so soon.

This is a 10-part series covering the Vietnam War start to finish. Each of the episodes is 1 ½ to 2 hours long so this covers the war in great detail. I learned a great deal from this series. It was originally aired on PBS. You can catch it on Netflix streaming.

If you like history and tales of war you’ll love this documentary. If you are a history teacher this would be a great way to get your students to learn about the war. I wish I’d had this back in High School. It features interviews with the men and women who were there from both sides. You get the perspective of the North Vietnamese also. There is a lot of video from the field and front lines giving you a real sense of the war. A must see.