Red Book

Photo by me.

If you’r new to coin collecting here is a great book for reference. I would venture a guess that all most all coin collectors have a copy. It is published by Whitman, a long time player in the collecting world. This book has become the go to book for collectors. It is a great reference listing all US coins ever minted. It includes number of coins minted for each year and mint, making it easy to see which coins are more rare. It also gives a brief description of each coins history.

The Red Book gives an average price for each coin in different grades. This price can be subjective due to the book only being printed once each year, and prices can fluctuate over that time period. Also the prices are more in line with what coin shops get for the coins. Keeping you eyes open at flea markets and auctions it is possible to get them cheaper.

If you’re new to the hobby or just want a book that covers it all, I highly recommend this book.

Photo by me.

You can find these in almost any coin shop or Hobby Lobby (and other similar hobby stores). Well worth the investment.

Until next time – keep up the collecting.


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