Time for a new Job

Image: Pixabay


It’s time to find a new job. Do you know that my boss is now insisting that I stay awake for the entire eight hours of my shift? I find these demands to be ridiculous. First it was “Yes, you do need to work the entire work week,” then they demanded I get here on time. Not only do they force me to be here forty hours a week, now they actually want me to work also. I mean, how many burgers do they think one man can flip?

Is there a lawyer I can call? Sue them for this obvious harassment? Maybe a letter? Yeah, I’ll write my Congressman. Demand an investigation. This is no way to treat a middle-aged man with an eighth-grade education. After all I could have been a doctor if it wasn’t for all those Biology and Anatomy classes. Well, that and their blatantly biased requirement to actually graduate from high school. And the fact you need a medical license, which makes no sense seeing as they took my drivers license but that didn’t stop me from driving.

But that’s okay. I’m just working here long enough to get the money to go to Wrestling College. That way I’ll only work Monday nights and sometimes they actually put you to sleep. They have a special wrestling hold for that and everything. What could be better?